White House News (白宮消息) | Sep. 9, 2020

Donald Trump says the 'economy will collapse' and the 'rioters, anarchists and looters' will take over if Biden wins and it would be an 'insult to our country' if Kamala Harris becomes the first female president
Donald Trump on Tuesday night held a rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Trump claimed there were 15,000 people at his rally

The president whipped up his fans with threats of mob-rule under Joe Biden
He said: 'The only way they can win is by doing very bad things' 

Sep. 9 - Donald Trump has told his cheering supporters in North Carolina that 'the economy will collapse' if Joe Biden is elected in November, warning that 'mob rule' will take over the United States.

Speaking in Winston-Salem on Tuesday night, the president enjoyed riffing off his familiar themes of chaos in Democrat-run cities and the mental stability of his opponent.

'Biden's plan is to appease the domestic terrorists. My plan is to arrest them,' he said.

Trump said before China sent 'the plague' he was 'sailing through an easy election'.
Trump also attacked Biden's running mate Kamala Harris, saying it would be 'an insult to the country' is she became the first female president...     more
September 8, 2020
President Trump Campaign Event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
President Trump addressed a crowd of supporters at a campaign event held at the Winston-Salem, NC airport.