White House News (白宮消息) | Sep. 4, 2020


This Labour Day, remember the workers who died because of Donald Trump's deadly pandemic response

Sep. 3 - From windows and rooftops through the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions around the world cheered essential workers on the frontlines who daily risked contracting this highly contagious disease. Janitors, grocery store workers, drivers, warehouse workers, letter carriers, food delivery people, teachers and transit workers, along with the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff caring for patients, all became heroes as the worst pandemic in a century swept the planet. Thousands of these frontline workers died.

As we celebrate Labor Day, traditionally marked by cookouts and beaches followed by the return to school, we should honor these fallen heroes -- by wearing masks, social distancing, and fighting for a science-driven course correction to this country's catastrophic pandemic response. President Donald Trump must invoke the Defense Production Act, making hundreds of millions of free masks and tests available, coupled with contact tracing, isolation and quarantine...     more